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Bok och hav ”Book and sea” is an international literature festival in Karlskrona. Read more about its history and goals here.

The first ever will be held 12 to 14 May 2017. The International Literature Festival is the audience’s festival, with a variety of events, interesting conversations, readings, readers’ own experiences of literature. It is equally the authors, the visitors, festival.

All authors, international, Swedish, local are welcome and our aim is that they will leave the festival with good memories of their staying here in Karlskrona. That is how we build a long lasting relationship and create a reputation for our festival as something particularly attractive. The first year, we will have limited resources, but it does not mean we’ll be restricted in our ideas about what we can achieve. Anyone who wants to help is welcome to do so, within the framework we try to sketch in this vision. We believe that many will follow the example of the Naval Museum, Marinmuseum, namely see the great potential in supporting this festival.