Everything you want to know about the festival

Background and purpose

The organisation Book and sea was formed in the autumn of 2016 with the goal to create an international literature festival in Karlskrona. The first in a series of festivals is to be held 12 to 14 May 2017.

The idea comes from the author Katarina Mazetti who in the forum of “Stadsbudskåren i Karlskrona” proposed a festival. This in turn led to the formation of the Book and sea association. Thanks to Karlskrona municipality and the Naval Museum the project got a flying start.

There was a reception January 18 at County Governor Berit Andnor Bylund’s residence which was attended by a large group of stakeholders from different cultural associations and institutions. They were given information and the opportunity to submit ideas to the festival both in terms of content and of what they could contribute. Since then, the preparatory work proceeded at high speed and with high ambitions for the festival’s quality.

Objectives and target group

The goal is to create a recurring international literature festival in County Blekinge. It will have a wide cultural outlook, create exciting encounters between people from the international and regional cultural scene, it will also present the Karlskrona World Heritage and Blekinge as a literary region in the world.

The target group is Blekinge residents, both the firmly rooted and the more recent. Of course everybody with an interest for literature is welcome.


The international festival is planned and implemented by the Association of Book and sea with the support of the municipality of Karlskrona and others. Thirty writers, musicians and more will appear in the three day program. Moreover, we have contact with local writers, cultural and other persons and organizations which want to organize side programs that co-works with the festival. This, we hope, will increase its attractiveness for the local audience.


Some of our goals

  • We aim to reach a wide audience with a literature of high standards.
  • We want to offer the southern Swedish audiences some of the most interesting writers right now in a way that has never before occurred in Blekinge.
  • We want to link together writers from different languages. Already this first time, we have managed to attract authors from three continents (Europe, Asia and America).
  • We want to work for increased cooperation in the southern Baltic Sea region and will this first timewelcome authors from Denmark, Kaliningrad and Poland.
  • We want to support the work of making Blekinge a refuge for persecuted writers from areas where democracy is threatened. The festival represents an opportunity to make valuable contacts for future work, and an opportunity to open the Blekinge audience’s eyes to the persecution of writers and threats against free expression, even in our immediate vicinity.
  • We will cast limelight on the local, historical and contemporary libraries in Karlskrona and Ronneby. Many of our activities recognize libraries as an important common cultural heritage.
  • We want to reach all ages. For children and young people, we including organizing a unique ”book release” with Swedish author Mi Tyler and children from a Montessori school; children in the book devouring age can meet one of their favorites, Kim M Kimselius; we also have plans for reading on one of the city’s fast-food restaurants, and more.

Project Organisation

The project is carried out by a working group of the Board of the Association Book and sea, as well as interested individuals with different expertise in project management, Nordic culture, libraries, regional culture scene and more.

The society “Stadsbudskåren” is an important stakeholder. Highly significant is also our close connections to the Karlskrona municipality culture administration, libraries in Karlskrona and the Naval Museum.

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